What Is
Renegade Attraction Marketing?
What's So Special About It?

Renegade attraction marketing offers the best online businesses, pre qualified MLM leads, affiliate business online, affiliate network marketing and more... All of which promote your offline or online business from home.

Patrick & Anna Dejean at Market City Café in Burbank, California-Cashflow 101

This system is also the greatest cashflow 101 course you can ever learn from.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a "renegade" as "an individual who rejects conventional behavior."

As you read and discover what renegade attraction marketing is, you will clearly see what is so special about it!

You can read My Story and Our Story on our Passive Income Opportunities Home Page and learn what led us to renegade attraction marketing.

I got into network marketing a few years before Patrick and I got married.

It was a home based business that carried a line of health products.

Great products, but lousy network marketing system!

I struggled so much in that business.

I worked very hard but did not see any result for my hard work.

I heard so many lies from my sponsors. You can read about them on our white lies exposed page. You can clearly see why we got into this new multi level marketing system.

I was asking so many questions to myself because I could not understand why that business was not working when I did everything I could according to ALL the guidance, advice and directions given by my sponsors.

My experience with that multilevel marketing company was frustrating, costly, exhausting, aggravating... I can go on and on...

I could not figure out why this business was so difficult and frustrating!

I knew that there was something wrong, something was missing...

I knew that there had to be a better way but unfortunately I did not find any solution at that time.

Angry, because I was lied to so many times... Very tired from all that experience... Hopeless, I eventually gave up! Wouldn't you?

But the desire to get into a home based small business was still in my heart.

From time to time over the years, I tried to find the best online businesses, or some legitimate affiliate business online...

I looked into a lot of home based businesses and network marketing companies, but to my disappointment I only ran into network marketing scams.

Search Continued Until...

After Patrick and I got married in 2006 we seriously began to look for a real affiliate business online and the best online businesses until we stumbled into "Ann's Lies" on the Internet.

Ann went through and faced the exact same problems and lies as I did.

Reading her FREE e book was exciting for me!

I felt as if Ann had been there with me back then all along.

This FREE e-book led us to discover the Renegade Attraction Marketing System. It uses unconventional methods and techniques. It is the opposite of what the conventional multi level marketing companies teach us.

It is beneficial and fun to get into this network marketing business opportunity. It shows you how anything that you love, know, have passion and expertise in can become a profitable business for you. It is a cashflow 101 school!

It has become more and more popular amongst the business owners whether online or offline because it offers solutions and stability for ALL types of businesses.

The best part of it is that we no longer need to run after prospects, pre qualified MLM leads, or customers!

Renegade network marketing attracts a large number of pre qualified MLM leads, and helps to build and expand your business.

This is amazing! You have to try it to believe it! If you are skeptical, it's okay!

Patrick and I were skeptical too and didn't believe it until we tried it!

Not only do these pre qualified MLM leads come to us, but we get paid for it even if they don't sign up or buy anything from us!

There is so much more we would want to tell you about renegade attraction marketing! On this page we only introduce you to it a little bit and give a partial explanation of what it is and why it is so special. You can click on the links below for more detailed information about it.

When you download and read this FREE e book of lies exposed in network marketing you too will learn how Ann Sieg discovered The Renegade Marketer, which is an amazing tool for affiliate business online or any business offline.

Renegade attraction marketing has changed our entire view of this business forever, and it can change yours too!

You can read what other happy renegades say about The Renegade System.


Download the Free e book below, The Attraction Marketing Manifesto, which takes the Renegade System to a higher level!

FREE e book, The Attraction Marketing Manifesto by Ann Sieg - Affiliate Marketing Training

You can click on the Red Book below and download your FREE e book.

You can also click on the Blue Book below and learn how The Renegade System works. It may very well change everything for you too. Enjoy!

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing-FREE e book The Renegade Network Marketer

With the Renegade System you too can do what many happy renegades like us have achieved!

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