To Make Money On Internet
Has Become
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Patrick & Anna Dejean at Pikes Peak Arboretum, Lake Arrowhead, CA - Cool Websites There are many ways to make money on Internet today. Some are hidden while others are more obvious.

Some are scams, while others are legitimate.

There are actually unlimited ways that are both easy and legitimate.

But first we need to have the knowledge of their existence before we can learn how to use them to make money on Internet.

Daystar Television Network, Marcus Lamb & Joni Lamb

We, Patrick and Anna Dejean, watched a program on the Daystar Television Network some time ago.

It was hosted by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb, a Christian husband and wife team.

Their guest was James L Paris, who was presenting very valuable information on how to make money on Internet, how to make money working online.

James L Paris is the editor in chief of his website called Christian Money. James L Paris has also written more than 20 books focusing on working with Christians on their finances. He teaches and coaches how to make money on Internet through his various websites and online businesses.

James L Paris - Ghost Writers, e-book covers

Jim' advice is for anyone, but if you would like some Christian financial advice, you will find James L Paris very useful and informative.

He helps in setting up online business for you and coaches you through it. He shows exactly how he makes money.

James L Paris says that his goal is to take the average person, like us, and teach them how to make money on Internet. For example, an extra $500 a month working on the Internet could really help a lot of people. He said that "It would really change people's lives. That's money for gasoline, and groceries, and it kind of helps your budget come together." Don't you agree?

He does not make any promises of $20,000 a month or anything like that. Although he uses an example in one of his webinars that we watched showing that there are people making that kind of money.

Tim Carter's Example To Make Money On Internet

James L Paris showed a guy who has a website called Ask The Builder. His name is Tim Carter. You probably have never heard of him. We had never heard of him before, but he's got a website called Ask The Builder. He put together his own website.

Tim Carter, Ask the Builder

Tim Carter is a general contractor who teaches people on his website and answers questions about home remodeling and repair. And he is using some Google programs listed on his website. James explained how to make money on Internet exactly the way Tim Carter does.

Jim Paris said something that is probably going to blow your minds because it blew our minds. He said that Tim Carter makes between $30,000 and $40,000 a month with certain types of ads that he has on his website. Tim Carter gets paid through these ads.

James L Paris explained that he got the amount of Tim Carter's monthly income directly from the Google program that Tim Carter is using on his website. And all he has to do to display those ads on his website is to copy and paste in some HTML codes that Google provides.

James L Paris and Patrick & Anna Dejean having Starbucks coffee at Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa, California

"HTML codes" is a technical term. And if you're not familiar with it, don't let it confuse you. It's as simple as copying and pasting something in Word Processing document.

You would copy HTML codes in your website and all of a sudden those ads appear.

And from having these little ads on his website, Tim Carter makes $30,000 to $40,000 not a year but per month with just this simple business model of inserting these ads. And you can make money on Internet doing the same thing that Tim Carter is doing, James said.

Use Your Blogspot To Make Money On Internet

James L Paris - Blog Opportunities, Google, HTML codes

What James L Paris did to make money on Internet was he put these same ads inside his blogs.

And every week he writes several articles, typically two to three articles a week.

James L Paris explained that he simply copied and pasted the HTML codes into his blog. So the ads appeared in his blogs.

That's one of the things that James L Paris teaches people during his Christian Internet Income training webinars.

Top Affiliate Programs To Make Money On Internet

Daytona Beach, Florida - Best Affiliate Programs, Amazon, Google

James L Paris says that he really favors those Google programs, and so do we. But he also does affiliate opportunities. You can see that we do affiliate opportunities as well.

If you look at the bottom of this webpage, you'll see some books for sale, again just simply copying and pasting some HTML codes into our website.

Every time someone buys a book that we have displayed on our website we get paid a small commission. We do exactly what James L Paris is doing. James also explains that "You might say, "Hey, that's not very much..."

But you know what, if someone buys one book a day that can really add up over a course of a year and again we're talking about multiple streams of income. Again with Amazon, you get paid once a month. So you set that up as an automatic deposit and any books that you recommend on your website, you'll be able to get paid on those as well."

Use Paid Blogging To Make Money On Internet

Florida Beaches - Paid Blogging, Pay Per Post

Another business model that James L Paris likes and teaches about is a company called Pay Per Post. You've probably heard about this. You've probably heard people creating a buzz on the Internet about Pay Per Post. You know, getting people talk about a product or service.

Pay Per Post is an interesting company. James L Paris explains that Pay Per Post pays people who have blogs, they pay them to write short blog entries, and be able to get them promote their product or service. You can visit their site later.

James L Paris informs that "Anybody can set up a Pay Per Post blog.

A couple of rules: you got to have your blog up and running for at least 90 days, and then you got to have at least 20 posts in your blog before it qualifies to do the paid blogging.

And you can get paid on these blog jogs.

These different blog opportunities pay sometimes $10 for your latest short blob on your blog, and in some cases you can get paid well over $100. In some cases I've seen these blogging opportunities that paid several hundreds of dollars just for writing quick blog entries, short articles, 50 to 100 words typically in your own blog."

This is another one of the opportunities that James L Paris trains you on through the Christian Internet Income Opportunities.

Some Cool Websites To Make Money On Internet

James L Paris - Starting Internet Business, Squidoo

One of the other opportunities that James L Paris is really excited about is a company called Squidoo. Squidoo is one of the cool websites and it gives you an opportunity to build free website pages.

You can later go over to Squidoo, do a search and you'll see how people are making money with Squidoo. There are a lot of people on Squidoo that are writing articles about Squidoo. James L Paris explains that the way it works is "you build a Squidoo page, which takes most people about 30 minutes to put together.

It's just a one page website and how the money is split is Squidoo pays you 50% of the money and they keep 50% of the money. If you later check Squidoo top 100, you can take a look at the top 100 pages, and I read an article not too long ago about someone that made a $1000 in one month on one Squidoo page."

Use Google Programs And Amazon On Squidoo

Florida Coast - Internet Income, Google, Amazon Affiliate, HTML codes

James L Paris teaches that the way "they make money on Squidoo is again by putting ads provided by Google programs on every Squidoo page. Also on your Squidoo pages you can place some advertisements. All of these are paid advertisements that create additional revenue."

James L Paris explains that many Squidoo pages will also promote books. And again this is going to generate money because anyone that buys these books, there will be a commission paid back to that Squidoo page. There are several different ways that you can make money on Internet using Squidoo.

James L Paris says that "You can make as many pages as you want for free and Squidoo splits the money with you 50/50. And what I love about Squidoo is it's just so easy to build a page because they have many tools. You just kind of drag and drop and create Squidoo pages. And I was just thinking the other day, if you add 100 Squidoo pages and each one was generating just $10 a month, that would give you $1000 a month income just from your Squidoo pages."

Join Commission Junction To Make Money On Internet

James L Paris playing trumpet - Commission Junction, Internet Income Opportunities

If you're looking for more ways to make money with your website, there is a website that James L Paris recommends called Commission Junction. And this is one of the other cool websites.

James L Paris says that "Commission Junction gives you the opportunity to basically have access to hundreds of different products and services that you can sell on your website and get paid a commission."

"You'll find different companies offering different commission rates. What you want to do depends on what your website is about. You want to have products for sale that are related to the content of your website. So if you have a website about golfing, you might sell golf clubs, golf clothing, golf shoes, golf videos, golf books...

All the different items you're selling, you want it to be relevant to the topic of your website..." said James L Paris.

He also mentioned that Commission Junction is free to join just like everything else he talked about.

Google is free to join, Pay Per Post is free to join, Squidoo is free to join, Amazon ( is free to join their affiliate program.

Write An e-Book To Make Money On Internet

James L Paris - Write an e-book, Creating e books

James L Paris talked about one other opportunity how to make money on Internet. It's something that he does. And he said that it's an easy money maker that anybody can do. There is a website called Web Graphic Guys and you can have e-book covers made for you for $99.00 per e-book cover. They can make different e-book covers.

All you have to do is chose a topic that you have some expertise on. It can be anything... It may be losing weight or health topic or computer topic... If you got something that you are a little bit of an expert on, then you can write a 20 or 30 page e-book which is simply a word document or PDF file.

Then get in touch with these people and have an e-book cover made for you. Or if you have written more than one e-book, have different e-book covers made, put the e-book on your website, and set up an account with Pay Pal, which is how you collect money, explained James L Paris.

Sign Up For Pay Pal Account

James L Paris playing trumpet - Pay Pal Account, American Express Card, Discover Card, eBay Affiliate Program

James also explains that "Once you've got a Pay Pal account set up, then you can collect via credit card or even check. You can collect payments from people. You can put buttons for Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Discover Card, Pay Pal on your website.

So that when people want to buy one of your books, they just click on it and that item will be in their Shopping Cart. You just copy and paste the HTML codes. They click on "Proceed to Check Out" and it's going to ask them for their credit card information or if they have Pay Pal account, they can type in their username and password. And after they purchase that book, it will show up in your Pay Pal account."

So what we're talking about here is how to make money on Internet.

James L Paris also mentioned that the best thing about e-books is once you create an e book and an e-book cover, and it's on your website, you can just sell it over and over and over and over again. And you never have to do anything. You just e-mail out the document as an attachment.

You don't have to do anything. There is no shipping, there is nothing else to do. You just collect the money and you e-mail the document.

It's just over and over and over again. You can even sell your e-books on eBay. But again, it's very easy creating e books and e-book covers for just $99.00.

Use Ghost Writers To Make Money On Internet

Pikes Peak Arboretum, Lake Arrowhead, CA - Ghost Writers, elance

One other website that James L Paris talked about in his training is a website called, elance. This is one of the other cool websites. Here is why. Let's say you have an idea for an e-book. James gave an example, "Maybe you got an idea to write an e-book about how to train your dog.

But maybe you're not a writer. You want to write this e-book, but you just are not a writer, and you don't want to sit down and do it. You can actually go to this website, elance. Post the requirements for your project on elance and get writers to bid to write an e-book for you about how to train your dog.

Ghost Writers, those are people that write an e-book for you without taking any credit down the road and then turn it over to you and let you have it. And you can hire these people. Some of them are working out from India or other countries. And you can hire these people for like under $100.00 to write an e-book for you."

An Important Note From James:

James L Paris - Christian Money

James L Paris also said, "I do want to clarify that one of the foundations of my program is that I'm going to recommend to you that you have your own website and your own blog.

So that you can do all of these things on your own website and blog. I look at Squidoo as kind of an extra source of income. I don't want to not have my own home base... my own website and my own blog."

Use Social Network Marketing To Make Money On Internet

In addition James L Paris also does webinar training on Facebook marketing explaining how to use the Facebook page, which is free, to promote yourself.

James L Paris playing his trumpet - Facebook, MySpace, Blogspot, Twitter

He explained that "you can actually not only get a Facebook page, you can set up Facebook groups, you can set up free webpages as many as you want on Facebook."

James shows you how to do this in his webinar training on FaceBook, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter, Squidoo.

Face book is huge and we have a Facebook page and so does James L Paris. One of James favorite things as well as ours that we do with our Facebook page is we have our Twitter account linked to our Facebook page.

So every time we do a tweet on Twitter, it shows up on the top of our Facebook page as well. If you look at our last Twitter entry, that automatically would be posted to our Facebook page as well.

As James said, "It's just not limited, the stuff that you can do to make money on Internet."

Pod Casting

Florida Beaches - Pod Casting, You Tube Video or YouTube Video, My Space

James L Paris mentioned that one of his friends, who is in the broadcast industry, said to him,

"Within the next 2 years, we will have streaming Internet in our cars, and literally the radio station as we know them today will be out of business because people will be getting all of their streaming audio through the Internet, not on radio stations anymore."

James and his friend also talked about Pod Casting, how to have your own Pod Casting or even video programming on the Internet, or You Tube or YouTube video. It's just unlimited!


James L Paris tells people that "It's going to happen whether you jump on the train or not. You know, in 5 years, 10 years down the road, you're going to look back and say, "I'm so glad I got into that!" Or you're going to have one of your deepest regrets in your life that you missed out on something that is just revolutionary. Those people that get in now and take their piece of real estate on the Internet are going to have the opportunities to make money on Internet."

Let Jim Help You!

James L Paris and Patrick & Anna Dejean discussing paid blogging & how to make money on Internet at Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa, CA

If you need some help to market your business with Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, and learn how to further make money on Internet, James L Paris can coach you.

You can get access to more than 70 hours of on demand training on Internet Marketing. It includes unlimited e Mail consulting with James L Paris.

You can visit Jim's website at Christian Money.

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