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My name is Anna Dejean and you just met my darling (sleeping-beauty) husband, Patrick Dejean.

Patrick and I made this web page because we don't want you to go through what I've been through. Learning from my experiences and mistakes in multi level marketing will save you a lot of time and headache. You can learn to avoid the home based business scams and the lies that have given homebased businesses a bad name.

Getting knowledge is the greatest investment for yourself that you can ever make, and it will last you for a lifetime. Before you start your homebased business or ANY business to make money working online, get knowledge!

Anna Dejean in Paris, France-Network Marketing System

My Story...

A few years before we got married, I got involved in a network marketing affiliate program. Oh boy! That was a mistake! But I don't regret it because I learned a lot from it! Let me tell you what happened...

As a network marketing distributor my job was to sell all natural health products such as vitamins, minerals, female balance, weight loss, colon cleanse and detox. I also had to find home business leads and sign them up for the MLM home business affiliate program in order to receive my commissions. Their products were good and the business sounded like something I could do.

I am a friendly person. I like to meet and work with people. According to my sponsors, these were good qualities, and by following the company's network marketing affiliate program I could become very successful.

My sponsors were a very nice married couple who were surprised at my quick start and development in the company.

I took their advice and did my best to follow all of the company's guidelines and directions in order to generate network marketing leads and build my home based business.

Patrick Dejean in Avalon, Catalina Island, Los Angeles, CA-MLM Home Based Business

However, after reaching out to all my friends and relatives, supposedly my "warm market", I soon run out of leads. The company's network marketing system made it very costly to find new leads.

As network marketing prospecting tools, I had to purchase pins, product samples, postcards and video tapes from the company. Then I had to send out those postcards and give away product samples and video tapes to people. I had to purchase the names of network marketing MLM leads from some lead-providing company.

Those names might have just as well come out of a phone book because most of these people did not care to respond at all. My money was completely wasted!

I'm not saying that all lead-providing companies are scams.

There are some legitimate companies out there, but the few lead-providing companies that I purchased names from back then were useless.

Everywhere I went I had to wear those pins on my chest and wait until someone asked me about them...

I had to organize meetings and invite people to introduce them with the latest network marketing product that the company was offering... Needless to say, the entire process was time consuming, very costly, and extremely frustrating. This method of network marketing prospecting was neither worth the time nor the money I was putting into it.

I still have $2,000 worth of marketing network video tapes left over and sitting in our closet. To this day I still don't know what to do with them because this MLM health network marketing company would not take them back. And I stopped giving them away because I got sick and tired of wasting my money without seeing any results.

You can imagine that in those days "making money while sleeping" was out of question for me! In fact, I could not sleep much because I continually worried about how to do things better to make things work.

I realized that the company's network marketing business plan worked for a very short while, but it was not designed for a long future.

Anna Dejean in Long Beach, CA - Make money from online business

That network marketing affiliate program was not designed to make money working online. It was offline, strictly a multi level marketing business.

I wish I could make money working online in that business but they were so out of touch with modern technology that they didn't even have a website at all!

Later on they finally developed a website for the company. But they treated it as an advertising tool only, instead of creating an opportunity to make money working online as well. They continued to use their prehistoric network marketing business plan. For some mysterious reasons they did not adopt the modern techniques and benefits Internet business offers to make money working online.

If you take a serious look at their network marketing business plan and network marketing prospecting tools, it all depends on how many friends and relatives you have!

A few of my own people started avoiding me when they saw me with the pin on my chest.

They just assumed that I wanted to push my business on them.

To make a long story short, I finally stopped being a network marketing distributor.

I also stopped participating in that MLM home business affiliate program because it was so frustrating, exhausting, and costly.

After struggling like this for a whole year, I lost my hope and gave up. Wouldn't you?

However, I continued to purchase their products because I liked them. It was a shame that their network marketing business plan was so lousy because they had such a great product line and many people were missing out on them. Eventually I got busy with other goals and projects in my life so I left it all alone. But the desire to make money working online was still in my heart.

From time to time over the years, I tried to do some search to find different and better Internet business ideas and Internet income opportunities to make money working online. But to my disappointment I would run into either a similar network marketing system or online business scams.

Anna & Patrick Dejean in Catalina Island, Los Angeles, California-Make Money Working Online

Now Our Story...

After Patrick and I got married in 2006 we seriously began to look for Internet affiliate marketing programs.

We were determined to find a legitimate online business. We kept searching until we stumbled into "Ann's Lies". We started reading her free e book.

It was unbelievable! After every few sentences I interrupted our reading and told my husband, "This is true! That's right! I totally agree with this! Honey, I have experienced those exact same things..."

It was exciting for me! I felt as if Ann had been there with me back then all along.

We continued to read about the most common lies that network marketers tell you. And we learned that there is a better way to do legitimate online business and make money working online. A much better way!

I heard ALL of those great lies while working with that company, and I personally went through every experience that Ann described.

She also uses a much better network marketing system that simply makes a good sense to both Patrick and me.

The initial investment is very small in Ann's system. And we don't have to chase leads and get rejection after rejection as I used to.

Instead the leads come to us, and we get paid for it even if they don't sign up or buy anything from us!

Patrick & Anna Dejean in Parc Des Hauteurs, Lyon, France - List of home based businesses

This does not mean that we don't work at all and the money just rolls in... (I wish...) That would be a lie. We all know that there is no such thing as "free money". And this system is certainly not for those who want to get rich quickly without working at all.

Patrick and I work, but we don’t have a 9 to 5 job, driving in a heavy traffic to and from work, having a boss looking over our shoulders all the time, not to mention the risk of losing our jobs at any time, especially these days!...

Now we have a work from home computer business. And we work at our own pace. Even when we work hard, we still enjoy it because it really is a lot of fun to build our own online MLM business and to make money working online. We don't really feel that we are working because it is much more enjoyable to work for yourself. It is very flexible work and it's all worth it!

To have financial liberty is priceless especially in these times of economic crisis!

Patrick & Anna Dejean in Vatican, Rome, Italy - Online business systems

It's all up to you how you want to organize your time, and how much time you want to put into it depending upon your needs and situation.

There is a great advantage to online business systems. When you make money working online, the big difference is that when you stop working for the day, the system still goes on.

Can you imagine the pleasure of being your own boss? Working from home? Not being late for work? I usually was...Having your own hours? Let me tell you. It's awesome!

When you just start to make money working online, obviously you need to put more time into it. But after it has taken off you'll spend less time on it. And eventually, what you'll end up with is an automated home business system. That's why Patrick and I can take a break and go on a vacation, while our business keeps on working for us.

We love to travel, so we often go on some kind of a vacation. We have that freedom!

Bottom line... As I already said, it's all up to you how you want to organize your time, and how much time you want to put into it depending upon your needs and situation.

That's why we named our website because it does not matter how hard you work to make money working online, if you don't have the right knowledge. It is the right knowledge that brings success!

Patrick & Anna Dejean in Saint Jean, Lyon, France - Internet marketing for online business

To make money working online gives us a chance to have much more personal time than ever before!

Finally, we found a system that works 24/7 even while we sleep!

As I said earlier, getting knowledge is the greatest investment for yourself that you can ever make, and it will last for a lifetime.

Do yourself a favor, before you start to make money working online, get knowledge! I can't emphasize enough how important it is! But I believe you already know that.

Click on the link to learn more about Ann's white lies exposed and download your FREE e book!

You can also learn what is Renegade Attraction Marketing and what's so special about it.

By the way, do you like our website? Check this out! You'll be amazed! Well, we discovered the #1 website building tools that perfectly complement Ann's system.

Both systems work hand in hand because they are based on the same marketing principles.

And as you guessed it, we are using both systems simultaneously and are very happy about both of them.

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