White Lies Exposed
In Network Marketing!

White lies can hurt too... And when they are exposed, they lose much of their destructive power!

Affiliate network marketing can be an excellent way to make a very successful living.

However, achieving success with the traditional network marketing system can be very difficult because of the widespread lies that are usually told in the industry.

Anna & Patrick Dejean in Port Of Avalon, Catalina, California-Free e book

If you're doing business in affiliate network marketing just like Patrick and I, and if you feel like you are struggling and want to give up...

If your efforts just don't pay off, continue to read because we wrote this page especially for you.

You can read My Story and Our Story on our Passive Income Opportunities Home Page.

I got into affiliate network marketing a few years before Patrick and I got married. Maybe you have asked yourself the same questions as I have:

  • Why is this business so difficult?
  • Isn't there a better way to do affiliate network marketing?
  • Why is this so frustrating?
  • What's wrong?
  • What's missing?...

I worked very hard but did not see any result for my hard work. Sounds familiar to you?

Maybe you are ready to give up... I did. I eventually gave up! But I never gave up my desire to be working at home and to be my own boss even though it's very difficult to find honest home based businesses these days...

I always wanted to have the freedom and the flexibility to have my own hours.

Here are some of the white lies exposed that I personally experienced while working with my former multi level network marketing company:

I felt cheated and lied to because I did not find that "everyone was my prospect" as the company sponsors wanted me to believe.

Not everyone wanted to or could get into multi level network marketing. Some people just simply were not interested...

They wanted me to believe that "everyone could do this" but the leaders did not seem to understand that not everyone has the same talents, goals and desires.

The company's products were great, but their products were NOT "the best products ever" as they wanted me to tell everyone.

The leaders of this affiliate network marketing company lied to me that "I was not really in sales. I was just presenting and sharing the products with people."

I was told that "the company would help me to build my home based business for me," which NEVER happened. Another white lie!

When I complained, asked questions about why it's not working, and told them how frustrated I was, they put the blame on me telling me that "I simply did not have enough belief."

And they tried to insist that their affiliate network marketing company used "the proven system". So if something did not go well, it was "my fault".

~ ~ ~

I wondered, "Why do people lie in network marketing?" because my sponsors were nice and well-meaning people.

So I realized that the reason my upline told these white lies was because they simply did not know any better.

They themselves were told the same white lies assuming that struggling and getting frustrated went with the territory...

Most basic sales methods are completely outdated and ineffective when it comes to multi level network marketing. In the 1970s or 1980s they may have worked to a certain degree, but they sure don't work in today's high tech society.

Times have changed! These kinds of prehistoric tactics will get you absolutely nowhere.

Those multi level marketing (MLM) methods that my sponsors taught me were destructive and did not work. You can see why you can put your heart into it and work so hard but get very little in return.

I'm sure, you can understand why I eventually gave up!

Until One Day...

After Patrick and I got married in 2006 we seriously began to look for a real home based online business until one day we stumbled into "Ann's Lies" on the Internet.

Ann went through and faced the exact same problems and lies as I did.

Reading her FREE e-book was exciting for me!

I felt as if Ann had been there with me back then all along.

The best part of it is that we no longer need to run after prospects and try to qualify them...

Instead, pre qualified MLM leads come to us, and we get paid for it even if they don't sign up or buy anything from us!

When you download and read this FREE e book of white lies exposed in network marketing, you too will learn what Ann has discovered, which has changed our entire view of this business forever. As we already said, white lies exposed sure lose most of their power!

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You have nothing to lose but to get the maximum returns for your time and work!


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