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"Are you looking for passive income opportunities?"

Patrick Dejean on Lake Cachuma near Solvang, CA – Passive income opportunities

If you are, then you're in the right place. We, Patrick and Anna, created this website to introduce you to different kinds of passive income opportunities.

If you already know what you want to do and you are passionate about it, you need to increase your knowledge in the area that you have interest in.

But if you don't know what to do, then check out the opportunities that we offer on this site, and make an informed decision, so you can figure out which passive income opportunities would work for you best.

Getting knowledge is the greatest investment for yourself that you can ever make, and it will last you for a lifetime! Get knowledge before you start any type of investment, offline business... Get knowledge before you set out to make money working online in order to generate passive income for yourself!

You may already know this, but you may also wonder: What is passive income?

Or you might wonder: Are there many types of income?

The answer is: Yes. There are three kinds of income:

(1) You earn your income when you have a job or a small business such as beauty salons, shoe repair shops, attorney's offices, doctor's offices, mechanic shops, small grocery stores, etc. You receive salary or commission from your job. But once you stop working, so does your earned income.

(2) Your paper assets can generate income for you through mutual funds, stocks, bonds, 401Ks, and other form of paper assets. Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad calls this a portfolio income.

(3) And there is also passive income, which is income that you receive even after you stop working. There are different ways to make passive income that can help you generate residual income for yourself.

You can generate income by using different opportunities for passive income and dramatically increase your revenue, net worth and the long term value of your business.

If you want to work from home, there are many types of passive income opportunities for online virtual jobs.

One such opportunity is network marketing. You can check out My Story and Our Story on Make Money Working Online Page.

Another one among many is The Renegade System. You can find passive income opportunities in affiliate companies, website building companies, real estate investing in single housing or multi unit rental properties or commercial real estate or lease option or rent to own properties, writing books, writing e books using ghost writers, holding a patent or copyrights or trademarks, online businesses or local businesses.

Social networks can help you increase your passive income to make money on Internet.

Patrick & Anna Dejean hiking in Lake Cachuma woods near Solvang, Santa Barbara, CA – Virtual jobs

We continually try to expand our knowledge and pass it on to you through this website.

Therefore, you can bookmark our site and periodically check it out for new information about different ways to make passive income for yourself.

We welcome you to our site and wish you the very best.

And we hope that you can find here what you're looking for to help you achieve your financial goals.

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OK, let's get started and have fun...

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