Looking For Ghost Writers Or Want To Work As One?
Check Elance!

Patrick & Anna Dejean at The Venetian, Las Vegas - Ghost Writers, Elance Ghost writers are people who write an e-book for you without taking any credit down the road and then turn it over to you and let you have it.

Elance is an online company that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals to complete an online job.

If you would like to work for Elance as an independent professional, a contractor, or as ghost writers, it provides a quick, flexible and inexpensive way to hire, manage and pay you online.

If you are a marketing professional, a creative director, administrative, technology or a product manager, you can use this company to get the work done online by talented and skilled workers whenever you need them.

Elance offers flexibility and it's cost-effective.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out and need some help, you can use Elance and get all the help you need to become successful and profitable in your business.

Elance offers you a flexible and inexpensive way to get your requested work done using experts.

Elance will help you with all kinds of writings, such as research papers, articles for your blog, write an e book, direct mail, grant writing, and more...

Many professionals such as real estate agents, attorneys, financial service providers, and others use Elance to get their writing work done by talented experts at Elance.


How Elance Works

Elance delivers an immediate, cost-effective and flexible way to hire, manage and pay independent professionals and contractors online. Watch the video or click here to learn more.


Elance Groups

Elance Groups are communities of service providers that are formed based on professional affiliations and verified expertise. Groups are organized by sponsoring companies who set their group's membership criteria - usually passing a specific Elance skill test, but sometimes based on a verifiable 3rd party credential.

Group members earn branded badges that are displayed on their Elance profile page that indicate their group membership status.

Group affiliations help employers easily recognize providers who possess special qualifications and expertise.

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Visit these Elance Groups to hire experts:

Microsoft Office SharePoint Developers Microsoft Office PowerPoint Experts
Office Live Small Business PayPal Certified Developers
Java Developers CVSDude Experts
Microsoft Office Excel Experts Central Desktop Developers
American Express OPEN Cardmembers ConceptShare Development Specialists
Microsoft Office Access Experts Dimdim Experts

PayPal Certified Developers
Office Live Small Business Web Designers
Java Developers
American Express OPEN Cardmembers

View all Elance Groups »

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