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This home based business marketing system has transformed Steve Barrow's business and his lifestyle. It gives him financial liberty in this economic crisis. Read his testimonial...

Steve Barrow – Work at home business ideas, financial liberty

Hi, my name is Steve Barrow. I want to tell you my story and my experience in affiliate network marketing and home based business marketing, and a little bit about my lifestyle.

I am originally from the suburban metropolis of Bellevue, Washington, 20 miles east of the exciting city of Seattle.

I had a great childhood and a wonderful experience growing up, knowing my dad who was a school teacher, had the summer off. We would spend a lot of time playing tennis and going fishing, etc...

I was the oldest of three boys in the family and was always very competitive and always wanted to be successful on my own terms. We had a great time... However, it always felt like we had money challenges and that we were in lack.

This feeling of lack and seeing others with a better lifestyle set the stage for my desire to become wealthy.

The dream and the desire to be financially successful remained in my heart ever since my childhood days.

After I graduated from the Sammamish High School in 1980, I knew I had to make changes but did not know where to turn...

So I made the decision everyone makes coming out of high school and wanting to make a lot of money, right? Wrong... I decided to join the Navy.

Although it was hard work, I recall the fun I had traveling and the great friends I shared time with.

Barrow Family-Matthew, Samantha, Steve, Kayla, Beth in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Online Business Magazines

The greatest thing that came from my time in the military was that I met my current Wife of 20 years, Beth. We have a wonderful marriage and she is an exceptional wife and mother to our 3 teenagers - Kayla, Matthew and Samantha.

I am truly grateful for this blessing even though at times life can get pretty hectic at the Barrow household as for many of you.

After marriage I decided to leave the Navy.

I started working for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and later got hired as a mailman for the US Postal Services.

I continued my stable job to put food on the table, but my desire for financial independence led me to continuously look for opportunities outside the 9 to 5 job.

I wanted more for my family...

Steve Barrow Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Online Business Ideas

I really considered myself successful but I was still looking for more.

I was looking for ways of making more money...

And I knew that home based business marketing was creating a lot of wealthy people and financial independence and lifestyle.

Along that pathway I was involved in a number of different businesses, in affiliate network marketing businesses...

When I started my first affiliate network marketing venture, I was quickly touted as the next success ( I built an organization that was shrinking faster than I was growing it!).

And while in that home based business marketing system, I did not see the lifestyle that I was hoping to see for my fellow network marketers. I was seeing people that were making good money, but I didn't really see their lifestyle reflecting that.

Steve Barrow Paragliding Mexico, Cabo San Lucas - Advertising Business Home Online Work Steve Barrow Parasailing Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Sample Business Plans

Because what I saw was that they spent a lot of time going to meetings all over the place. They spent a lot of time together working instead of being able to have time with their families.

And my story was pretty much the same except I wasn't making the kind of money they were making. I was spending a lot of my money and time. I was doing the thing... I was out there working real hard, meeting people here, there and everywhere, shaking hands at the gas stations... And I knew that had to be done to build the business, and I was true to the system.

Steve Barrow, Alaska Cruises – Online Travel Business

After 4 years of frustration, I could no longer bear the stress of continuously chasing prospects without being allowed to tell them it's Amway.

So I left affiliate network marketing vowing to never come back to the industry.

So I went back to the security of my job and then later enrolled in college to get a "better job."

I went to college for four years. It went pretty well, got good grades and a grade point average...

I received my degree in Business from the University Of Washington, accomplishing this while working full time and even spending time to coach my son's baseball team!

I continuously was searching for better opportunities. I spent twenty plus years in federal service, in military and postal services.

I worked part-time as a Tax Preparer while working full time at the Post Office as well as a short stint with a Mortgage Co.

Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur...

Beth & Steve Barrow relaxing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Building a home Internet business

I eventually realized that I needed to unleash my entrepreneurial spirit so that I could replace my full time income and create a better lifestyle for my family.

My journey finally resulted in me looking at the affiliate network marketing industry again.

I was looking for maybe a better way of doing home based business marketing.

I wanted to treat this business as if it was MY business, as a professional business, and use professional marketing skills and really take it to the next level.

Steve Barrow – Hawaii Paradise star of Honolulu cruises - Online business promotion

I wanted to really become a professional marketer and attract quality people to not just any opportunity... but the best opportunity.

So, I was always looking for maybe something that wasn't apparent for the masses out there that could be implemented by using some of the recent technologies that would create bigger numbers.

Because I knew I needed bigger numbers to get the results I was really looking for. Because I didn't want a small business and make just a few hundred bucks a month.

I wanted to be able to make a six figure passive income. And I really didn't want to spend all my time away from my family... I wanted to be home, I wanted to build a real home based business marketing and enjoy my family.

So it bugged me that I couldn't do that... I didn't have the vision of that really happening with the current path that I was on.

I was hungry for knowledge!

Steve Barrow with his wife & daughter on a Dinner Cruise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Business from home work

So one day I started to search the Internet to find better ways to build a home based business marketing.

I was quite skeptical about many of the claims.

And what I did is I basically stumbled on an amazing, amazing concept of philosophy through some people.

I soon discovered that the key for building successful businesses from home all pointed to using cutting edge online strategies as well as using proven traditional methods correctly.

Also, I realized that although the Internet offered tremendous resources for branding, advertising and attracting qualified lead contacts, none of this mattered if you were in the wrong business or with the wrong team.

Steve Barrow - Istanbul, Turkey - Business home online opportunity work

I finally discovered how EXTREMELY important it was to be on the RIGHT TEAM and in a business that has a product that EMOTIONALLY drives you!

We're using recent technologies on the Internet, using Internet marketing strategies.

Some of the recent things that are going on in social marketing, and viral marketing, home based business marketing, and the law of attraction...

If you've ever watched this Secret, it's probably familiar for the most of you.

Attraction Marketing, Renegade Marketing! That is so big, folks.

Before I learned about this home based business marketing system, the renegade system, I was imposing my will on people... I chased people, even though I was being real professional about it.

Matthew & Steve Barrow in Disneyworld, Orlando – Best home based business

But, if you're chasing the wrong person, you are chasing the wrong person!

For example, if you go into a department store, and if a salesperson comes and goes and asks, "Can I help you?"

What's your first reaction going to be? "Well, no, I'm just looking..."

So, it's the same thing with this home based business marketing.

I was out there trying to find people to build my name lists, my contacts, and sometimes it would work.

But for the most part it was slow...

I just wanted to jump start that process in a big way and have people contact me because they were looking for what I had.

And I found that through this home based business marketing system.

Steve Barrow - Crown Princess Carribean Cruises - Best Home Business Ideas

It's just amazing, social marketing, renegade marketing, magnetic sponsoring or the law of attraction marketing using recent technologies, having thousands of people contacting you that are looking for what you have.

They qualify themselves.

You don't have to qualify them.

They go through the qualification process while you even...

You could be sleeping while this is going on, and you're getting one qualified lead after another looking for what you've got.

The program that I stumbled on is Ann Sieg's program. She's called herself "The Renegade Network Marketer".

Steve Barrow with his children in Disneyworld, Orlando - Best Network Marketing Opportunity

My other question for you is "would you like some of these qualified lead contacts?"

If you would, then get a hold of this Renegade Network Marketer e-book and start your own home based business marketing program.

This program can help you attract more QUALIFIED lead contacts to you!

Like a spreading virus this home based business marketing system attracts THOUSANDS to YOU using the 24/7 power of the Internet.

I do see that a lot of people pay for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising and I'm not a big fan of that. But before you spend your money I'm going to suggest that you get a hold of Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer e-book.

Steve Barrow - Hawaii Beaches - Online Business Ratings, Best Rated Home Business

We are in the cutting edge of online media technology and I want to help you succeed in your home based business marketing and drive massive traffic your way. That's why I recommend the Renegade System.

If you're not driving over 10 people a day to your site and leveraging yourself to your max, the Renegade System will help you get floodgates of free leads coming your way.

When you get a hold of The Renegade Network Marketer, you can take advantage of the Internet power and really leverage your home based business marketing to the max.

I started my first multi level marketing business more than 20 years ago. I have experienced the frustrations of working with a MLM home based affiliate program. I could not get the answers to many challenges I was experiencing.

Barrow Family in Disneyworld, Orlando - Best Home Base Business

As a busy family man I soon realized how important it was to have home based business marketing online and/or an offline network marketing system.

This is the best MLM network marketing system that helps me leverage my exposure and generate an endless flow of high quality business builders.

These people want to succeed instead of wasting time.

My winning philosophy offers entrepreneurs like you the most complete network marketing system so you can reach higher levels of success!

If you are serious about making money in affiliate network marketing and becoming financially independent, you need to know network marketing skill sets, and how to use these skill sets correctly! Therefore, I strongly recommend Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer e-book!

As a final note I would ask you to evaluate two criteria:

  1. Are you satisfied with the results you are getting in developing financial security for you and your family?

  2. Imagine how big your business could be if you could attract hundreds of quality people per week to you on a weekly basis (52 weeks x 100 = 5200 quality people in a year looking for what YOU OFFER).

I hope you are thinking big!

Have a great day and I hope that you can be successful too!

~ Steve Barrow ~
Peak Performance Marketing Group


Download the Free e book below, The Attraction Marketing Manifesto, which takes the Renegade System to a higher level!

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You can click on the Red Book below and download your FREE e book.

You can also click on the Blue Book below and learn about the Renegade System. It may very well change everything for you too. Enjoy!

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With the Renegade System you too can do what many happy renegades like us have achieved!

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