If We Can WorkAtHome
And Make A Living
From Our Own Websites,
So Can You!

To WorkAtHome was a dream for Elad Shippony, and it came to pass much faster than he thought possible... Read his testimonial and beat the economic crisis!

First, I'd like to say a special thank you to Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell. Ken (if I may), my virtual friend, whom I regard in high esteem. He has helped me make a difference in my life and I'm sure in many other people's lives by building a company that shines above the rest!

What I'm about to tell you REALLY works and anyone with a hobby or passion and with no prior Internet know-how can create a profitable Website!

Elad & Tamar Shippony-Home Party Businesses Online Business Start Up

And to think that both my sister Tamar and I aren't computer techies and knew very little about creating Web sites before embarking upon this adventure in May of 2003.

"If WE can WorkAtHome and make a living from our own Web sites, SO CAN YOU!"

Our Web site is built by two "amateurs" that turned into a high-ranking, high-traffic, highly-profitable source of income - in under six months.

My daughter Maya was born in June 2001. At the time, I could only dream to WorkAtHome. I was working as a Marketing Communications manager at a large High Tech company in Israel. The job was demanding, pay was OK (I guess...), I wasn't much at home, and family time was reduced to a few hours on the weekends.

Site Build It! (SBI!) sells itself as an all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, site-promoting suite of these tools. When I first read about it, I was skeptical. It was supposed to eliminate all the confusing technical complexities and exhausting manual labor involved in building and promoting a site, and to leave you with the fun part - creating content. And ultimately reaching the goal of being able to Work-From-Home.

Sounded like one heck of a product, but I admit that my inner skeptic voice wasn't ready to part with the few hundred dollars Site Build It! costs.

However, my day job was getting more and more intense, I was barely seeing my family, I was dragging myself to work, and worst of all, my dream to WorkAtHome was now light years away. And that's what got the red lights really flickering.

So one day I just got up and said to myself - ENOUGH! It's time to start moving towards my real goals.

I have a family to support, so I couldn't just get up and go, leave my job, hope for the best, and just start to WorkAtHome (although there were moments I was very tempted to).

So I took a deep breath, and invested the few hundred dollars in
Site Build It!

My knees were shaking when I clicked submit on the Secure online Credit Card form. But, my investment in a SiteSell product turned out to be
the very best investment I have ever made!

My goal was to WorkAtHome and build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country is currently facing an economic crisis).

Site Build It! comes with yet another FREE e-book called the Action Guide that helps you get a potentially profitable site up and running by following a ten chapter program. I had no idea what my "money-making" site would be about, but after reading through the first two days, I understood that it would have to involve a theme that was close to my heart.

Travel or backpacking were the obvious choice.

Elad Shippony in Antarctica-Best Work From Home Business Building A Business Website

And I was just about ready to choose the domain name and start building my travel/backpacking stories site, when I contained my enthusiasm, and took an extra moment for rational contemplation. With the help of one of Site Build It!'s powerful tools, I was able to measure the demand and supply for backpacking-related information on the Net and it turned out that there was lots more supply than demand.

Now, I was never really any good with economics, but low demand vs. high supply was a definite no-no. And I'm glad I stopped to think at that very moment because if I had built a "coolest-backpacking" site, I'd probably still be working as a Marketing Communications Manager.

At this point I needed some help, a pair of fresh eyes, and "enlisted" Tamar. I asked her to follow the first few chapters of the Site Build It! ebook and help me come up with a concept.

Now, when Tamar does something, she tends to go overboard. For about a whole week she sat day and night searching for a topic with high demand and low supply.

And I remember the memorable phone call with her:

"Elad, I've got a site concept for you! But you've got to sit down first and promise not to laugh... OK?"

I promised and she continued: "Kid birthday parties."

I admit, I couldn't stop laughing... Kid birthday parties?! I'll be able to work at home with that?! Huh?!

But after a few minutes (in which Tamar almost hung up.) it dawned upon me:

  • I've got my little Maya and another little girl on the way (and hopefully many more...)

  • I'll be in the kid birthday biz whether I want to or not for the next 20 years (at least.).

  • I always like to do things with a creative flare.

  • And I love birthdays and parties - especially when they're for my loved ones.

Hey, we may be onto something...

Elad, Maya, Noa & Shira-Start A Home Party Business Top Home Based Businesses

After her brilliant idea, I asked Tamar to join forces with me and take part in building this site. It was perfect timing because she wanted to take a break from painting murals before taking off to the US to start her art studies at one of the most celebrated Schools of Art & Design and I was dying to just get going and WorkAtHome.

Tamar and I did lots and lots of research on kid birthday parties and started experimenting with our ideas on kids and during parties whenever the opportunity arose.

We wrote up lots of content for the site and I was in charge of strategy and building the site from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center).

In no time, both of us became kid birthday junkies!

There are two ways our site makes money:

1. Ads, such as Google Ads - We earn money when people click on an ad that appears on our site.

2. Affiliate Network Marketing - We provide content and make suggestions as to where to buy quality products. If a visitor clicks over from our site to our affiliate (partner merchant) we earn a commission (while the customer doesn't pay even a penny more for the product.) Fair enough.

The Affiliate Masters Course-SBI! Best MLM Network Marketing

I won't get into the details of affiliate network marketing because it's
all explained here...

The underlying philosophy is to rank high in the search engines for keywords that are in high demand and that way generate lots of traffic to our site and lots of clicks on the ads and clickthroughs to our affiliates.

In August 2003, just four months after starting the site and during a month in which many people are out vacationing, our site generated a Net profit of almost $1,000!

The site was ranked 50,821 at Alexa and we had close to 500 subscribers to our "Partyology" newsletter. And my dream of being able to work at home was slowly getting closer.

(Oh yeah, and during August I was also on vacation for a whole computer-less week of Scuba diving in the Red Sea while our site continued to work as usual.)

In October 2003, the commission was up to $2000 and since then stats have been continuously increasing.

As for Tamar. She moved to the US and continued creating some amazing works of art. Tamar gets a percentage of the monthly earnings from our site (a great student salary) and can now focus solely on her dream - ART - without having to waste any of her time on minimum-wage student jobs.

Tamar provides content and inspiration when she can (mainly during vacations.). I WorkAtHome full time and I've been doing the rest, trying out new strategies, making mistakes and learning from them, and all the while, using the wealth of SiteSell knowledge and Site Build It! power to strengthen our site. Oh yeah, and having fun all the while!

I admit that since I started to WorkAtHome, I haven't read any other online marketing books (and I probably should). But I'd just rather read and re-read the books and free courses I already have from SiteSell because there's so much more I can learn from them and I already KNOW how much they work.

Shippony Family-Best Home Based Businesses Work From Home Computer Business

I left my day job much earlier than I expected to and I now WorkAtHome full-time on our Web sites. I'm also performing in front of audiences quite a bit now.

I have a rule that I close my computer (with lock and bolt) every day between 4-8 pm to be with my family.

I spend lots of quality time with them!

  • We now have five Web sites, all built with SBI! and earning us more than we ever dreamt to be making.

  • Tamar is a full-time, non-starving Artist.

  • I WorkAtHome full-time.

  • My performance has just gone over the 400-show mark and features regularly at "The Kameri" - Israel's National Theatre.

  • My girls are growing up and because I WorkAtHome, I'm always there to be part of it!

And I'm achieving my dreams and enjoying every moment of life. So is Tamar.

I wish you the same!

~ Elad Shippony ~
Coolest Parties


You can click on the SBI! book below to watch the Solo Build It! Video Action Guide or read the Written Action Guide FREE e book that Patrick and I have been using to build our sites. Enjoy!

SBI! Action Guide, Solo Build It! Website Building And Hosting, FREE e book

Solo Build It! changed the way we do our business. It can change it for you too!

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